D.C. will use its 7 percent set-aside for school-improvement activities through both a formula and competitive process.


However, the plan does not provide many details about how grants will be awarded and how much they will be. D.C. does not provide sufficient information about the amount of progress schools will need to demonstrate that a particular intervention is working. Furthermore, there is not a clear process for how the state will engage with community stakeholders.


D.C. would monitor and fund strategies instead of leading the interventions and support process.


It would also provide data and feedback to the charter and traditional public school sectors.


New Mexico


New Mexico clearly states what action must be taken in schools that fail to improve three years after being initially identified for comprehensive support and improvement. Schools must choose between a concrete list of intervention options or the state department will choose one for it. New Mexico is committed to providing additional funding to plans that use the strongest base of evidence and to providing “Direct Student Services” to support expanded learning time, AP course access, K-3 literacy and mathematics, pre-k services, personalized learning, and student transportation.


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