In advance of new standards and assessments, Tennessee lays out a rigorous review process and clear timeline.


Tennessee’s standards and assessments have undergone significant changes in recent years. In fact, the state will implement new English language arts and math standards in 2017-18. Science and social studies will follow in the subsequent two years. Since Tennessee’s new standards and tests are still an unknown commodity, the plan outlines a rigorous standards review process and timeline for the standards to be implemented in classrooms and the schedule for the assessments aligned to the standards.

Additionally, the state has worked with representatives of higher education to certify its assessments are aligned with expectations for first-year college students.


Tennessee will use the WIDA assessments for its English learner students, which allows the state to learn from other states.


The state included a description of its alternate achievement standards and targets, and gave a general sense of the students for whom these standards were developed.


Tennessee should describe its process to meet the 1 percent cap on alternative assessments for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.


New Jersey


New Jersey received top marks for strong commitments to college- and career-ready standards and high-quality, aligned assessments in math and English Language Arts, as well as assessments in science, social studies, and early grades (K-2) that will help address concerns about curriculum narrowing.


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