Arizona has presented only basic information about its approach to standards and assessment.


Arizona adopted college- and career-readiness standards in 2010 and recently made small revisions of a mostly technical nature. It appears as though the state intends to continue utilizing its assessment, AZMerit, but the plan does not provide significant details in this area. Arizona is planning to take advantage of the flexibility to use end-of-course assessments in eighth grade, which is a productive use of ESSA’s assessment flexibility. There was no mention of alternate assessments for students with disabilities.


Arizona will need to be clear about how it will support its large English learner population.


Arizona is an English-only state, so the state does not translate its assessments into any other language. Moreover, Arizona should strengthen its plan by ensuring that it has a process in place to meet the 1 percent cap on alternate assessments for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.


New Jersey


New Jersey received top marks for strong commitments to college- and career-ready standards and high-quality, aligned assessments in math and English Language Arts, as well as assessments in science, social studies, and early grades (K-2) that will help address concerns about curriculum narrowing.


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