Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of North Dakota’s vision.


The state will keep its ESSA Planning Committee intact after its plan is submitted, and the committee will work with the state Department of Education to monitor progress toward statewide goals, and review and revise the state’s plan as needed.


North Dakota will also partner with AdvancEd to help build district capacity and fuel improvement.


Schools will work with AdvancED to develop their own improvement plans and submit them to the state. The success of this partnership is yet to be determined, but it is crucial to North Dakota’s implementation of ESSA. It is an interesting model and one worth watching and learning from.


New Mexico


New Mexico outlines a number of ways it has and will continue to engage stakeholders on key aspects of its implementation efforts. For example, it will be adding science as an indicator in its accountability system in response to stakeholder feedback, and it will continue to gather input as it considers revising their “Opportunity-to-Learn” survey, both of which will go into effect in the 2018-19 school year.” New Mexico’s “Return Tour” across the state will present an overview of the submitted plan, how it changed in response to initial stakeholder feedback, and how the state will implement the plan going forward.



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