Massachusetts emphasizes its commitment to continuous improvement.


The state says it will continuously engage stakeholders to develop improvements. It is less clear in the plan where specific stakeholder feedback may have influenced a decision or will influence future decisions.


Massachusetts also asserts that it has established intentional processes that allow the state to study the effectiveness of initiatives.


The state, however, does not identify the frequency or “the how” behind the ongoing conversations and processes and improvements/adjustments to the overall state plan. It is positive that the plan references that the state agency will focus on implementation, including dedicating some staff to the effort. It is also positive that the state plan will be the basis of the report to the commissioner.


What is less clear is who is making decisions and then communicating out broadly on things like annual performance targets or the final decisions on index measures and weighting.


Massachusetts could strengthen its plan by articulating a more refined monitoring approach.


The state’s theory of improvement is based on the belief that it will set targets for each school and district that requires it to “stretch and continually improve,” but it offers little insight as to how any larger continuous improvement framework will be defined, operated, or resourced.


New Mexico


New Mexico outlines a number of ways it has and will continue to engage stakeholders on key aspects of its implementation efforts. For example, it will be adding science as an indicator in its accountability system in response to stakeholder feedback, and it will continue to gather input as it considers revising their “Opportunity-to-Learn” survey, both of which will go into effect in the 2018-19 school year.” New Mexico’s “Return Tour” across the state will present an overview of the submitted plan, how it changed in response to initial stakeholder feedback, and how the state will implement the plan going forward.



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