Maine outlines a monitoring process, but provides few specifics.

Aside from outlining a process for monitoring the implementation and progress of school and district improvement efforts, it does not specify how it will incorporate monitoring the impact of the accountability system itself into an ongoing process of continuous improvement. While Maine describes that it will continue to convene its 22-member Advisory Workgroup and its sub-workgroups quarterly, the state does not mention any other continued consultation or engagement of stakeholders following the development of the plan.


To improve this area, the state could articulate a plan to engage a broader group of stakeholders at key points in time, particularly as it develops its accountability system, as well as articulate a plan to evaluate how the state will determine if its plan is successful. This could include key data or metrics that will be tracked over time, or a plan to administer surveys, desk monitoring, or other protocols to collect data on implementation from districts, schools, and other stakeholders.


New Mexico


New Mexico outlines a number of ways it has and will continue to engage stakeholders on key aspects of its implementation efforts. For example, it will be adding science as an indicator in its accountability system in response to stakeholder feedback, and it will continue to gather input as it considers revising their “Opportunity-to-Learn” survey, both of which will go into effect in the 2018-19 school year.” New Mexico’s “Return Tour” across the state will present an overview of the submitted plan, how it changed in response to initial stakeholder feedback, and how the state will implement the plan going forward.



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